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A Quiet Place Part II is a 2021 American horror/thriller/sci-fi film and the sequel to the 2018 film A Quiet Place. The film was released on May 28, 2021 and grossed $57.4 million in the US during its 4-day opening.[1] It went on to gross $297.4 million worldwide[2]

It was made available to stream on Paramount+ 45 days after its theatrical release.[3]

The film was greenlit in April 2018. Scheduled for an April 2021 release, the movie was described by John Krasinski as not being a "traditional sequel."[4]


Following the deadly events at home, the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their fight for survival in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.[5]


Day 1[]

Lee enters the local grocery store and picks up a couple items before heading over to Marcus' baseball game in the park, where he greets Evelyn, who's pushing Beau on the swings, before joining Regan and their neighbor Emmett, in the stands. Beau approaches Marcus as he gets ready to bat and hands him a stick of gum. Evelyn then signs to him to just breathe and that she loves him. Emmett shouts out for one of the kids to dive for the plate and asks Regan how to say dive in ASL. Marcus steps up to bat and is visibly nervous. Suddenly, an unidentifiable object comes hurtling towards the town and the game ends abruptly. Evelyn takes Marcus and Beau home in the station wagon whilst Lee takes Regan home in his truck parked on Main Street.

On his way back to the truck, Lee sees Emmett and asks if his brother has said if anything is going on at the base, but Emmett isn't sure. However, he assures to notify Lee if anything comes up. Lee and Regan make it to his truck, but he immediately exits upon noticing a squad car pull up behind them. Ronnie Officer of the law himself, Lee asks Ronnie what they're looking at, but they've yet to identify exactly what they're dealing with. Almost as if out of nowhere, one of the creatures crashes into the squad car. Lee jumps back in his truck and pulls off.

Evelyn finds herself stuck in traffic with Marcus and Beau. One of the creatures then attacks the car ahead of them, and Evelyn steers away. She is forced to put the car in reverse when a bus with a creature hanging out the window comes barreling down the street.

Lee and Regan notice Evelyn, Marcus, and Beau on the side of the road, but they're forced to take shelter inside a local store, as being on the streets is too dangerous. Along with several other people, Lee and Regan quietly take cover. They notice two kids attempting to call their mom, but they lose cell reception. As one of the creatures passes by the shop, Lee places his hand over the mouth of a man mumbling prayers in a hushed tone. Lee and Regan are forced to flee out the back as the two teens' cellphone rings, alerting the creature of their location, as it comes crashing through the window.

The creature follows Lee and Regan out the back door and down the street. They notice Evelyn, Marcus, and Beau hiding behind a flipped over police car and race towards them, with the creature not far behind. Fortunately, Ronnie from earlier begins firing rounds at the creature, which doesn't kill it, but provides enough of a distraction for the Abbott family to escape.

Day 474[]

With her newborn baby wrapped around her, Evelyn heads upstairs from the basement with Regan and Marcus. She tells the two of them to stay outside whilst she heads inside the burning barn to retrieve the air tank, which she does without incident. Meanwhile, Regan heads back into the basement, where she finds a large speaker, which she intends to use as a frequency amplifier to fend off the creatures. She also recovers her father's map, which indicates the last known locations of human life. Regan gets on top of the grain silo and lights a fire as her father would in hopes of a response. As luck would have it, a single fire peers over the mountain. And so, the Abbotts venture beyond the sand path to seek refuge with whoever lit the flame.

Evelyn and the kids walk for miles barefoot before reaching their destination — an old abandoned rail yard. Evelyn trips a booby trap, causing glass bottles to cling, which in turn creates noise to signal any nearby creatures. They run through the field hoping to escape the noise, however, Marcus steps in a bear trap and finds himself in unbearable pain, screaming at the top of his lungs even as Evelyn covers his mouth and pleads with him to be quiet. The baby starts to cry as well, so Regan places him inside the box while Evelyn opens the bear trap clamped onto Marcus' leg. All the noise has gained the attention of a creature, which comes running towards them. However, Regan turns on the speaker. That, partnered with her implant, creates a high-pitched frequency that causes the creature enough pain to make it vulnerable. Evelyn then shoots the creature in the head.

Evelyn grabs the baby basket and Regan carries Marcus over her shoulders as the Abbotts make their way inside one of the warehouses, where they are met by a man with a scarf around his face. He warns them to remain quiet as another creature arrives and leads them inside and down into the basement, where they take shelter inside a steel, soundproof bunker. However, they only have but so much air inside, so the man uses a timer to determine just how long they can hide out in the bunker. He then tells Evelyn and the kids that they can't stay, as there isn't enough supplies. She asks to see the man's face, but he is reluctant and says that he can't help them. She then realizes that the man is Emmett. Hoping to appeal to him, she shows him the baby inside the box. The timer then goes off, and Emmett opens the door to exit the bunker. In that time, it seems the creature has left.

Emmett hands Evelyn a bottle of alcohol to pour on Marcus' wound. Meanwhile, Regan takes notice of Emmett's drawing of his wife, which he folds up and hides in his jacket pocket. Afterwards, Regan plugs a headphone set into the radio and places the headphones on Marcus while he rests. Emmett tells Evelyn that it's safe to talk, as they're under three feet of concrete. He inquires about feedback from the microphone and how it seems to irritate the creatures, but Evelyn doesn't exactly know the science behind it. Evelyn gives her condolences, assuming that Emmett's family is dead. He reveals his kids died the first day and that his wife, Nora, died just 11 weeks ago from an illness. Evelyn then asks Emmett if he knew it was Lee when he saw the flame night after night. Emmett admits that he knew, but he didn't consider coming for them because people have changed since it all began.

Suddenly, Marcus starts hearing "Beyond the Sea" playing on the radio. Emmett has been hearing it as well. It's been playing on repeat for the last four months. Regan questions why they never heard it before. Emmett explains that it can only be heard from the valley. Regan is convinced that it's a message from someone -- that they must travel across the sea. However, Emmett tells them that there is nothing left and that the song isn't a message or signal of any kind.

During the late hours of the night, Regan awakens Marcus from his sleep and leads him into the bunker, where she tells him about her plan to go beyond the sea as the song says in search of help or possibly a community. However, Marcus refuses to leave and attempts to convince Regan to not go through with her plan. The following day, Marcus awakens to find a message on the radio that reads "Keep listening." He realizes that Regan is gone and tells Evelyn, who in turn asks Emmett to go after her. Evelyn reminds Emmett that they were once friends and pleads with him to go after Regan.

Regan follows the train tracks to the station, where she finds a stalled train filled with bodies of the deceased. She makes her way to the front, where she recovers a first aid kit. However, in doing so, she makes a bit of noise, which attracts a nearby creature, which makes its way into the train. Evelyn turns on the speaker to weaken the creature before shooting at it, though her aim is off, and she only manages to graze it. As the creature charges towards her, Emmett shoots it in the head from behind and rescues Regan. The two then rush back to the station and take cover, as the gun shot has alerted the other creatures. Emmett tries to convince her to come back with him, but she refuses. Instead, she convinces him to join her on her journey across the sea.

Evelyn places the baby in the box. Unfortunately, the tank is just about out of air. And so, she decides to take a trip to the pharmacy on her own. Marcus attempts to join her, but she convinces him to go back down into the tunnels and watch over the baby. Evelyn makes her way over the sand path and across the bridge where Beau died. She places her wedding ring on Beau's headstone and proceeds.

Marcus lays the baby to rest and places him in the box, unaware that the tank is nearly out of air. He then heads up to the surface and looks around the factory. He finds where Emmett sleeps. And upon further examination, he finds the body of Emmett's wife. Marcus is startled and knocks over some equipment, which causes a bit of noise.

Evelyn arrives at the pharmacy without incident. She gathers medication as well as two tanks of oxygen before leaving.

Regan and Emmett arrive at the Marina. Before they can even find a boat to travel on, they come across a little girl, who is seemingly alone. She is crouched down on the deck and cowering. He cautiously approaches, and the little girl ties a noose around his neck. The little girl is then joined by a group of scroungy looking men.

Marcus heads back into the basement and inside the bunker with the baby, as the noise has attracted a creature. However, he unintentionally locks himself inside the bunker. Evelyn hears the noise as she approaches the warehouse and runs inside to discover that one of the creatures has made its way into the basement. Running out of air inside the bunker, Marcus is forced to share air from the tank with his baby brother. Just on the surface, Evelyn fires a single shot to draw the creature out. Once the creature joins her on the surface, Evelyn shoots at one of the tanks, setting the creature on fire, though it doesn't kill it. The fire from the explosion causes the sprinklers to go off, which in turns allows for Evelyn to walk past the creature without detection. Evelyn makes it into the basement, where she finds Marcus unconscious in the bunker, though he awakens not long after. She then shuts the bunker door without locking them inside until the creature leaves.

The rough looking men have taken an interest in Regan, ripping off her shirt and removing her implant. They grab Regan and take her back to the ship. However, Emmett recalls her telling him how to say dive in ASL and instructs her to jump in the water. As she does so, Emmett attacks one of the men with the net connected to the rope that's wrapped around his neck. He uses the net to hold the man in place long enough for the creature to attack. Emmett then jumps into the water, where he struggles for a moment to get the rope from around his neck. One of the creatures notice Emmett in the water and dives for him but ends up drowning. The other creature watches helplessly from the ship. Regan then comes through in a boat and pulls Emmett out of the water. He opens his mouth and reveals to Regan that he has her implant.

Regan and Emmett cross the sea to an island, where they find a community of people enjoying life, seemingly untouched by the creatures. They are greeted by an island man, who surmises that they heard the song over the radio and figured it out, but Emmett admits that it was solely Regan who figured it out. The island man reveals that they've been on the island since the beginning. They got there the same way as Emmett and Regan — by boat. They were in the city when they heard the hurricane sirens. Once they learned the creatures couldn't swim, the National Guard started loading people onto boats. Twelve boats were lined up on the dock, but only two got out. Emmett reveals that it took them just under two days to make it to the island.

Emmett finds Regan and returns her implant, and he reveals that the island man agreed to help them. Emmett apologizes for ever doubting Regan. He then heads onto the beach and unfolds the drawing of his wife from his pocket. While on the beach, he hears a loud crashing sound and follows it to the edge of the shore, where he finds the very same boat he saw the creature hanging onto when they fled the Marina.

Emmett rushes back to the community to warn them, but he is too late. The creature has already begun attacking people. On his way inside, Emmett grabs a random child from the field and brings him inside and hides him in a closet with another child.

Regan, Emmett, and the island man get in a car and draw the creature away. However, the creature manages to get on top of the vehicle and tear a hole in the hood before being thrown off. The three of them reach the radio station, but the island man is taken away and, presumably, killed while Regan and Emmett escape inside.

Meanwhile, Evelyn, Marcus, and the baby share the single oxygen tank while they're forced to remain hidden inside the bunker. Evelyn exits the bunker but quickly discovers that the creature is still near and runs back inside. However, she is unable to get the door closed, and the creature reaches inside in an attempt to grab them, but it only manages to claw at Evelyn's leg.

Regan and Emmett quietly make their way through the radio station so as not to draw the attention of the creature. Regan makes her way over the counter and into the main office, where the equipment is located. However, when Regan makes the slightest of noise by opening the door, the creature comes rushing towards them and slashes at Emmett's leg. Regan turns on the broadcast signal and matched with her hearing aid, it creates a high-pitched frequency that is transmitted both towards the creature in front her of as well as all the radios within distance of the broadcast. Regan then takes a lead pipe and crushes the creature over the head.

As the creature claws at Evelyn, Marcus hears the frequency coming from the radio and unplugs the headphones in order to fight back against the creature. Marcus forces it to cower at the sound of the high-pitched feedback from the radio until he can reach the gun sitting on the table and fire a single headshot to kill the creature.



  • Following the box-office success of the first film, Paramount greenlit the sequel in April 2018.[6] By August of that year, Krasinski was writing the film, and in February 2019, he was hired to direct.
  • Production was underway in New York from June to September 2019.[7]
  • The film made its world premiere in New York City on March 8, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film's theatrical release was postponed three times.[3]
    • Paramount initially planned to globally release the film in theaters on March 18, 2020.[8]
    • July 2020, the studio pushed the film's release date from September 4, 2020 to April 23, 2021.[8]
    • Just as before, in January 2021, Paramount once again pushed the film's release from April 23, 2021 to September 17, 2021.[8]
    • Finally, on March 4, 2021, John Krasinski announced that the release date would be moved up earlier from September 17, 2021 to May 28, 2021, marking the first time post-pandemic that a theatrically exclusive major studio has moved a planned release up by this many months.[8]
  • On May 21, 2021, Fandango released insight on advanced ticket sales, which have surpassed the sequel's pre-pandemic sales.[9]





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